About us

Who We Are

GAMS AND ABELL LIMITED (G&A) is an engineering company registered in Nigeria with the corporate affairs commission (RC240184) since 1994. We are also registered with COREN (EF00707) and Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria (ACEN). With broad knowledge and experience spanning over 2 decades coupled with a professional and dedicated workforce, G&A have been able to offer optimal solutions to clients through consultancy, procurement, contracting and project management in the fields of Built environment, Oil & Gas and Power. It is our policy at G&A to be a completely independent firm uninfluenced by any contractor, supplier or manufacturer’s interest. Our client’s interest is always of great importance to us right from inception to execution of any project. The firm prides itself in the ability to solve problems for our clients; whether that means providing a dedicated teams to manage specific projects, supporting the client with specific expertise or handling a short term requirement for additional engineering manpower. We have the resources to offer solutions and create value in a wide range of situations.

The ability to bring the required technical expertise to bear on specific problems allows us to work with the clients in whatever role that best suit their needs; the goal is always to create solution and add value. Whenever desirable, G&A will partner with world class companies representing specified know how or specialized experts in order to give our clients the best services.


To provide innovative engineering solutions efficiently and effectively to clients using highly motivated professionals and up to date technology while achieving optimum shareholder value through best practices in corporate. governance


To be among the top engineering firms in Nigeria and a benchmark of excellence in services.


Sabo Ibrahim Sodangi - Chairman


Engr. M. Gazali Tukur - Managing Consultant

M.Sc Fac. Mgt, B.Eng. (Hons.) Elect, MNSE, COREN Registred.

Engr. A.G. Baba - Director

B.Eng. (Hons.) Elect, MNSE, COREN Registred.

OUR PEOPLE – Staff & Manpower

Our workforce is made up of elite engineers with valuable years of experience, their expertise, professionalism and passion for excellent service has made us a toast to many. Pristine client relations and timely delivery of superior service are part of our core values and makes us stand out from the crowd.

At G&A the needs of our clients is paramount, continuity of essential staff, staff development and embracing cutting edge technology has always placed us in the forefront of both electrical & mechanical services.


GAMS AND ABELL LIMITED has a passion for Quality. This is backed by an improved Quality management system (QMS) framework and the bold step to completing the ISO9001 – 2015 Certification in 2019.
We have a record of excellent performance in terms of cost control, quality of work and compliance with engineering ethics and standards.
Peer reviews, internal presentation and critique are a constant part of our work. The aim is always to ensure seamless integration of our engineering designs to client’s demands. Our proactive approach ensures efficiency leading to cost, time and energy savings.


Teamwork is an intrinsic part of daily operations, as well as a commitment to quality and excellence. While individual efforts are always encouraged and supported, GAMS AND ABELL LIMITED has found that the results of a team effort are often far better than the sum of its parts.

Each Project requires specialized technical experience and we assemble a specific team from which we can draw the expertise required to deliver the best solutions for our Client. The personnel assigned to each project have extensive design , skills , analysis, and communications capability.


Integrity stands as our watch word at GAMS & ABELL LIMITED. In trying to achieve this, we place utmost importance to internationally recognized engineering standards and ethics.

A precondition to involving any engineer to our work is the recognition of such engineers by and affiliation to professional governing bodies such as COREN, NSE, ACEN, IEEE, NIMechE etc.
This is indeed a requirement in order to maintain high standards of professional ethics in whatever capacity we find ourselves.