Integrity stands as our watch word at GAMS & ABELL LIMITED. In trying to achieve this, we place utmost importance to internationally recognized engineering standards and ethics.

A precondition to involving any engineer to our work is the recognition of such engineers by and affiliation to professional governing bodies such as COREN, NSE, ACEN, IEEE, NIMechE etc.
This is indeed a requirement in order to maintain high standards of professional ethics in whatever capacity we find ourselves.

It is our belief that achieving integrity requires professionalism, creativity, dedication, team work and sublime ethics in whatever we do. After all, the clients' trust is what keeps us in business.

Such approach has earned us awards such as “Best M&E engineering award” by institute for government research and leadership technology in 2012 and the Corporate Services Award of excellence(Engineering consultancy and construction industry) by Construction and Engineering Digest 2013